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Discover Fit3D and InBody 570

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Understanding your body composition is the key making changes. At Twin Cities Metabolism, we harness the power of science and technology to take a closer look. We assess, analyze, and evaluate your unique body composition using innovative tools, including the Fit3D ProScanner and InBody 570 technology.

To show you the power of this technology, we offer your first scan on both absolutely FREE! From there, you can use the them as often as you like to track the progress of your exercise and nutrition program.

Fit3D ProScanner

The most powerful 3D body scanner and reporting engine.

3D Body Scan in Just 40 Seconds

Hundreds of Measurements

Body-Shape Wellness Scoring

Posture and Body Composition Analyses

Track Results Online

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InBody 570

The most advanced body composition analyzer.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis in 45 Seconds

5-Point Tactile Electrode System

Analyzes Each Limb and Torso

Measures Inflammation

No Empirical Estimations

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Harness the power of our revolutionary technology.

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