It’s time for the Fit3D ProScanner, the most comprehensive, non-invasive assessment for tracking body composition and weight loss.

At Twin Cities Metabolism, we harness the power of this technology to deliver accurate and consistent results within minutes.

Using infrared light, a camera scans and measures over 400 points on your body, and converts them into precise body measurements. Once the scan is complete, you can track your updated data online and share your information with your doctor, personal trainer, or coach. But it doesn’t end there. You can use the ProScanner as often as you like to stay motivated and on track with your exercise and nutrition program.

Over 400 points of data to track your progress
Seconds to scan every millimeter of your body
Research studies confirming accuracy
You are the only one who sees your image

Fit3D was designed to provide the most comprehensive wellness assessment available.

Visual Composer

Obtain a full 3D Image of your body from a simple 40-second scan.

Posture Analysis

A deep understanding of shifts, tilts, and rotations in your body from your head to your ankles.

Hundreds of Measurements

Hundreds of measurements are automatically captured from each scan including circumferences, lengths, contours, widths, surface areas, and volumes.

Body Composition

Proprietary DXA-correlated body fat percentage algorithm, as well as fat mass and lean mass breakdowns.

Body-Shape Wellness Scoring

Proprietary body-shape rating with an understanding of health based on where mass is within the body, utilizing body-shape indexes from leading universities.

4-Point Weight Scale

Total body weight as well as balance captured automatically during the scan process.

Cloud Reporting Platform

View your data on any device from anywhere, including single-scan reports, side-by-side comparisons, and an aggressive feature list.

Custom Fit Marketplace

Purchase customized products and services based on measurements and data from your Fit3D scans.

How to Take a Scan

Harness the power of our revolutionary technology.

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