90% of Hypothyroid disease is believed to be caused by auto-immune disease in the US.
After pregnancy, 37% of women develop thyroid dysfunction
20% healthy thyroid function depends on healthy gut flora
More than 12% of people will develop a thyroid condition in their lifetime

And did you know there are at least seven causes of low thyroid, of which only two are responsive to those medications? With statistics like these, it’s no wonder so many people are suffering with a slew of thyroid-related symptoms.

Your thyroid gland helps control how your body uses food for energy. So, if you’re feeling fatigue or depression, or experiencing weight gain or poor nail health, you may be suffering from low thyroid, or hypothyroidism. Unfortunately, too many people have undiagnosed – and unaddressed – low-thyroid function, mostly because their doctors don’t test for the underlying causes of why they have hypothyroidism to begin with. After undergoing a few basic thyroid tests (TSH and T4), they’re often left to live their life dependent on a medication that doesn’t help them feel 100 percent better.

Optimize and Overcome

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Don’t become another hypothyroid statistic suffering through your days instead of enjoying them. Find out the cause and get the treatment you’ve always needed today.

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