"What other symptoms were present when your weight gain began?"

"Is your fatigue accompanied by depression or insomnia?"

Every patient experience starts with a conversation during a complimentary consultation at our office, by phone, or via video. We take the time to delve into your health history, listening carefully, and building an understanding of your unique needs.

During your complimentary 60-minute consultation, you’ll be able to:

Speak one-on-one with the doctor

Learn about specific tests we recommend - and how they help

Understand how metabolism may be contributing to your specific health concerns

Learn about our treatment plans

Discover the kind of results to expect, along with turnaround times

Learn what it's like to be a patient at our office

Discover how we help patients from a distance

Review all our suggestions before moving forward

Ask about insurance and payment options

If we find you’re a good fit and you’d like to become our patient, the road to reclaiming your health can begin immediately. If not, we can direct you to other offices or practitioners that may be a better solution.

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